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Public organization “Ukrainian Association for Quality” (UAQ), which during its existence gained wide international recognition, was founded in 1989 by experts who were very active in the quality community. Since 01 January, 2016, according to the new Law of Ukraine "On Public Associations" the UAQ was transformed into the Public Union “Ukrainian Association for Excellence and Quality” (UAEQ), acting as the legal successor to the UAQ in part of legal entities.

Common information
UAEQ was founded in accordance with the plan of the Union of Scientific and Engineering Societies of Ukraine as the first national non-governmental association in the field of quality and excellence in the USSR, which initiated beginning of the public movement for quality and business excellence in Ukraine and the CIS and became its leader. UAEQ is an authoritative national organization that brings together the best companies of Ukraine on a voluntary basis and represents the country in the most influential international professional organizations. The UAEQ provides enterprises with an opportunity to get acquainted with the most progressive domestic and world experience in quality management of products, goods and services, to receive a complex of highly professional services for improving excellence, competitiveness and sustainable development, according to modern approaches to the improvement of organizations, enterprises and institutions.

The main areas of the UQEQ specialization: general quality issues; structured issues of business culture and business excellence of enterprises, organizations and institutions; ensure on their base the competitiveness and sustainable development of organizations, separate sectors of market activity and deployment of coordinated processes of social economy; norms and practices of socially-oriented system management; organizational principles and forms of the public movement for business perfection and quality development.

UAEQ goal and objectives: formation of the public opinion, public dialogue and cooperation in developing national quality and safety policy on the base of the best world examples. UAEQ's main activity is focused on the formation of a new philosophy of quality and business culture in Ukraine, generalization and dissemination of the best domestic and international practices of modern business management, support of Ukrainian enterprises in business excellence and competitiveness improvement and their integration at the world markets; contributing to the successful functioning of Ukraine in the WTO and integration into the EU; activating the role of NGOs in developing the foundations of self-regulatory activity and public-private partnership.

UAEQ international status: National Partner Organization of the EFQM; basic organization of the International Quality Professionals Guild; basic organization of the Quality Leaders Club of the Central and Eastern Europe; basic organization of the Global Project "Youth Creative Movement" of the Quality Relay and the International Competition on Management for Youth; National Organization of the EOQ (since 1996 till 2015).

UAEQ status in Ukraine
In accordance with the Resolution of the 5th Ukrainian Quality Convention and for further development of public movement for quality in Ukraine and its integration to European movement for quality on the base of UAEQ the NGOs Coordinating Council of Ukraine was established. Ukrainian League of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, Ukrainian Federation of Employers, Ukrainian Trade Union Federation, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine and other influential public organizations have entered the Coordination Council. The functions of the Ukrainian Quality Convention Secretariat are assigned to the UAEQ. Moreover, the UAEQ was appointed as the head professional organization on quality issues within the Ukrainian League of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs.
UAEQ is the initiator and developer of the principal national documents on quality and excellence that conform with the results of system analysis of the domestic and international levels. Some developments of UAEQ: The “Goals and Principles of National Policy in quality area” (1992 р.); Recommendations for the development of a regional program for the creation of mechanisms and conditions for improving the quality of products and enhancing the competitiveness of enterprises (1998); Draft Concept of the National System for Conformity of Products (Services) to the Regulatory Requirements (1998); Draft Concept of the Ukrainian National Policy in the Field of Quality (2001); Code of Fair of Honest Manufacturer of Ukraine (2002); The Levels of Excellence Complex Assessment and Recognition System (2003); Methodical recommendations for quality management system implementation in accordance with the ISO 9000 standard in executive bodies (2006), etc.

Major projects of UAEQ: International Forum “Quality Days in Kiev”, since 1992, annually; European Quality Week in Ukraine, since 1993, annually; Ukrainian Quality Convention, since 1999, every two years; International Project “Constellation of Quality”, since 1999, annually; Ukrainian National Quality Award, since 1996, annually; International Quality Tournament of the Central and Eastern European Countries, since 2005, annually; Business Marathon "Ascension Towards European Excellence”, since 2006, continuously; International Competition on Management for Youth, since 2014, annually; Ukrainian Quality Leaders Club, since 1998, continuously; Quality Leaders Club of the Central and Eastern European Countries, since 2007, continuously; International Quality Professionals Guild, since 2000, continuously; Ukrainian Charter "For Business Excellence and Quality", since 1999, continuously, etc.
UAEQ collaborates with a variety of international and national quality organizations and also with state and public organizations of Ukraine. It is a co-founder of the international and native public associations, participates actively in common public movement in Ukraine, and promotes extension of the dialogue between publicity and government.

UAEQ organizational structure: Ukrainian Quality Leaders Club is the most famous organization of the UAEQ ( , which since 1998 unites the best Ukrainian enterprises - winners and laureates of the Ukrainian National Quality Award. In 2007 the Quality Leaders Club of the Central and Eastern European Countries (  was founded as a voluntary elite association of the best enterprises and organizations, which have the status of winners, laureates or finalists of the CEE Quality Tournament. Today the Club unites 25 companies from six countries: Hungary, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, the Republic of Belarus, Russia, Ukraine.
Specialized competent canters have been established in order to implement the UAEQ's policy in practice. These centres directly provides Ukrainian companies with training, consulting and certification in the field of system management, in particular in terms of quality management, energy efficiency, social responsibility, environmental management, etc.

UAEQ’s honorary rewards: Honorary Diploma of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine “For the outstanding input in public quality movement, increasing of the competitiveness of the products of the Ukrainian enterprises, formation of the positive international image of Ukraine in the quality area”. President of UAEQ was rewarded with Honorary Diploma of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, Honorary Diploma of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine and the President Order of Merit.
UAEQ also has numerous awards, honorary diplomas and gratitude from international and national organizations. Its activity was highly estimated by the European Organization for Quality (EOQ), EFQM, UN Economic Commission for Europe, etc.
UAEQ is a member of the Working Group 3 of Ukrainian Part of the EU-Ukraine Civil Society Platform "Economic Cooperation, FTA, Cross-Border Cooperation" (WG3 of the CSP). In 2017 - 2018 the UAEQ representative in WG3 of the CSP took part in the project "Strengthening public participation in implementation of the EU requirements for technical regulation", which is being implemented under the support of the European Union and the International Foundation “Vidrodzhennya” within the grant component of the project "Public Synergy". Within the framework of the project a number of seminars were held in 4 cities of Ukraine (Lviv, Poltava, Lutsk, Chernihiv). According to the project’s results the edition "REALIZATION OF THE EU REQUIREMENTS FOR TECHNICAL REGULATION IN UKRAINE (AGRICULTURAL SECTOR, FOOD INDUSTRY, TOURISM)" was published.

The activities of the organization are coordinated by the implementation of the tasks and objectives defined within the framework of the Multi-Annual Action Programme "Civil Society Organisations and Local Authorities" (CSO/LA) and European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights. The Action rolls out the EU support to country-level initiatives aimed at implementing some of the priorities reflected in the EU Consensus for development adopted in June 2017, which addresses the implementation of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), as well as the Paris Agreement on climate change and the Sendai Framework on Disaster Risk Reduction. Those priorities are: climate change; gender equality; youth; root causes of irregular migration and forced displacement; and crisis and fragility.