1. There were reports that police had been ordered to avoid detaining protesters.
  2. The United States is committed to working with its Allies and partners to keep pressure on Russia to live up to its commitments and to begin the process of peacefully restoring Ukraine's full sovereignty over Donbas.
  3. Another two bodies were found under the rubble.
  4. In a letter to Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler, White House counsel Pat Cipollone called the Democrats' impeachment inquiry "completely baseless."
  5. According to Danilov, the scenarios have their "derivatives." And the final result will depend on the conditions reached at the Normandy Four summit.
  6. The total number of the victims of the fire amounted to 31 people.
  7. The official forex rate against the euro for Monday is UAH 26.32 per euro.
  8. Pompeo will host Sergey Lavrov on Tuesday for talks that are expected to be followed by a joint news conference.
  9. The share of non-residents in the government domestic loan bonds market grew to 13%.
  10. Disinformation campaigns are almost always designed for publicity, and therefore leave public traces.