1. Ukraine ranked 35th globally in terms of the number of COVID-19 patients.
  2. Over the five months of this year, only 30% of children in their first year of life requiring mandatory vaccinations received all three doses.
  3. At the same time, Zelenska must continue her treatment for bilateral pneumonia, which she will be undergoing at home.
  4. The temporary ban to enter Sweden for citizens of countries outside of the EU, EES [Entry/Exit System] and Schengen has been prolonged, with some easing in the restrictions.
  5. She says Smolii's replacement at top post should be an independent technocrat.
  6. Some 245,000 tonnes of new crop's wheat has been harvested so far, which is 1.7% of the target.
  7. Smolii says he has been hearing calls for policies that would benefit a particular sector of the economy or exporters.
  8. An elderly civilian woman was killed as Russian-led forces mortared the village of Zaitseve at dawn.
  9. Pilgrims could spark a coronavirus outbreak in town, mayor says.
  10. The decision was supported by 226 votes, which is exactly the required minimum.